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The Queer Spirit

Jul 19, 2021

Minoritea Report is a weekly BIPOC Gay Podcast. Join Yo' AunTeas Kerel, Dawon, and Jerrell as they catch up & spill tea about the Black & POC LGBTQIA+ experience, relationships, politics, sports, and pop culture! 

Episode Highlights

  • We learn how the hosts met and why they decided to start their podcast,...

Jul 5, 2021

"We are erotic by nature." This is the core belief underlying all that Darshana Avila offers as an Erotic Wholeness coach and guide. Supporting folx to establish a deeply felt sense of pleasure and ease in their bodies and relationships is her joy. Guiding folx to reconsider the stories they've been told about who they...

Jun 21, 2021

Anthony Michael Lopez is a queer, disabled actor known for his appearances on Broad City, Homeland, and the feature film “Mapplethorpe” starring Matt Smith. He recently shared the stage with Daniel Craig, David Oyelowo, and Rachel Brosnahan in New York Theatre Workshop’s production of “Othello.” Anthony’s...

Jun 7, 2021

Richael Faithful is a multidisclipinary folk healing artist, healing justice strategist, complex conversation facilitator, community lawyer and creative. Working from the shamanic tradition of conjure, they focus on the interactions of generational healing, practical ritual, and magic and death doulaship.


May 24, 2021

Colleen Thomas is a ritual artist and independent audio producer. Her podcast, Shame Piñata, focuses on creating rites of passage for real-life transitions.

Episode Highlights

  • Colleen shares about her podcast Shame Pinata, and how it focuses on creating rites of passage for real life transitions.
  • We...